Microsoft Groups anchor-like “Reporter Mode” is coming in July – CNET

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Channel your inner Lester Holt with the new reporter mode in Microsoft Teams.


Ever wanted to be a news anchor while holding an online meeting? Microsoft has something for you in an upcoming update to its Teams software.

The company was announced back in March and is working on adding a few new modes to liven up virtual presentations from its competitor Slack, Google Meet, and Zoom. A mode called “Reporter” will “display content as a visual aid over the speaker’s shoulder, just like during a news segment”. A second, called “Side by Side”, shows “the presenter’s video feed along with its content as they present”.

According to a new roadmap posted on the company’s website and spotted by TechRadar on Monday, the features appear to be coming to Teams now in July.

The update is the latest in Microsoft’s work on evolving Teams. Originally geared towards businesses, the software giant was launched in May May announced a free personal version of the service to target consumers, including features like one-on-video calling that allows you to talk for up to 24 hours.

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