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Cloud gaming like Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s Xcloud Xbox game streaming is pretty awesome. You can use any major data center to handle all of the game graphics and processing, while your personal device only needs to stream the video output and interaction control input. You don’t have to spend hours downloading hundreds of gigabytes of data before you can play like on consoles. That’s great, but it could be a lot better.

However, Stadia and Xbox Game Streaming require you to start the game before you can play. It’s like you’re remotely connected to a console and the game has to load everything into memory before it can start. Why do you have to do this with cloud games?

I currently have numerous virtual machines running computer operating systems on remote servers. I can just tie VPN and Remote Desktop into each of them and they’ll show up on the screen exactly as I left them. I can then disconnect, switch to another device, turn VPN and Remote Desktop back on, and they’ll be exactly as I left them. If I don’t want a virtual machine to consume CPU and RAM resources, I can “pause” it, which saves its state on the hard drive or SSD. If you pause the virtual machine, it will be reloaded straight to the state I left it in.


Sitting and waiting for a game to load is quite annoying. I should only have to do this the first time I play a game.

Imagine if Xbox Game Streaming or Stadia could “pause” the game’s virtual machines when I close the app. Maybe they could even “pause” the last 5 games I played. Then I could play on a large TV game streaming device for a while … close the app … start the same game on a phone and record it from the “paused” state within seconds.

Or what if I wanted to switch games? If I’ve paused 5 of my most recently played games in the cloud, I should be able to jump straight back into each of them in seconds instead of going through the entire “load” process each time.

Will Stadia and Xbox cloud games in the cloud shut down when I quit the game to save resources or something? Why? Isn’t it the point of cloud gaming to give gamers a huge amount of computing resources?

Adam Z. Lein

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