Logitech Pop Mouse within the check: Emoji button meets colourful simplicity

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Enlarge / Logitech pop mouse.

Sharon Harding

Technical data at a glance: Logitech Pop Mouse
sensor Optical (model unknown)
Connectivity options Bluetooth Low Energy or 2.4 GHz dongle (not included)
Programmable buttons 2
Onboard profiles 0
lighting None
size ~ 4.5 x 2.6 x 1.4 inches (114.3 x 66 x 35.6 mm)
weight 2.9 ounces (81.9 g) with battery
guarantee 1 year
Price (RRP) $ 40
Other perks Available in yellow, purple or pink

There are many reasons to prefer wireless mice. You’re keeping your desk free of unnecessary cables, and it’s now easy to find one with advanced features, a nice set of programmable buttons, and the ability to maintain a reliable connection. Some people use a wireless mouse to control a remote system – such as a media PC – and are interested in mice that cut not only the cord but also the volume.

The Logitech Pop Mouse is aimed at this latter audience. But before you realize there is no cord and you can easily switch between three Bluetooth-paired devices, you’ll see the daring color options that scream “alive” in all their plastic glory.

At a price of 40 US dollars, the pop mouse also has an “emoji button” directly below the scroll wheel, which pushes the device towards a young target group. But this emoji button is programmable, so the pop mouse can still be a viable option for advanced users looking for a second or travel mouse. Don’t rely on this tiny, flatter, more constrained mouse on your next big Photoshop project.

Let’s talk about colors

One of the Pop Mouse’s biggest selling points is its colors. This may sound silly to some, but a bright, exciting look goes a long way in livening up a work environment. And the Pop Mouse has enough other features to make it a serious contender.

My test unit came in what Logitech calls “Blast,” which is really just a combination of black and yellow, with a splash of gray on the scroll wheel. The mouse also comes in “Daydream,” a shade of purple that came with yellow and mint green from Logitech’s gaming side, and “Heartbreaker,” which has various shades of pink. Logitech Pop Mouse in Daydream (left), Blast (middle) and Heartbreaker (right). Enlarge / Logitech Pop Mouse in Daydream (left), Blast (middle) and Heartbreaker (right).


Logitech is pushing for a double purchase by offering the Logitech Wireless Pop Keyboard in the same color schemes. These are eye-catching, playful designs, and there is no toned-down option. So if you don’t like flashy peripherals, the Pop collection is not for you.


Three wireless devices

I’m excited to see Logitech have so many wireless features for $ 40. Like the twice as expensive Logitech MX Anywhere 3, the Pop Mouse has three Bluetooth profiles (the function requires at least Windows 10, macOS 10.15, Chrome OS1, iPadOS 13.4 or Linux). You can switch between them by pressing a button on the bottom of the mouse. A small light is shown by an image representing PC 1, PC 2 or PC 3 so you know which one you are controlling.One button switches between three connected devices. Enlarge / One button switches between three connected devices.

Sharon Harding

And like this more expensive mouse, the Pop Mouse can work with a dongle – the big difference is that it isn’t included. If you prefer this type of connection, which should be more reliable and easier to use than pairing it with your PC, Logitech will charge $ 15 for the dongle. But I could rely on Bluetooth. After my three devices were paired, I had no problem switching through systems in just a second or two.

Another accessory that the Pop Mouse doesn’t include is a charging cable to connect the mouse to your PC. The good news is that it will seemingly take years before this is a problem. According to Logitech, the mouse will last up to two years before a new AA battery is needed. The Pop Mouse requires an AA battery and is not rechargeable. Enlarge / The Pop Mouse requires an AA battery and is not rechargeable.

Sharon Harding

But even with a slightly shorter battery life, the mouse will still outperform many of its competitors. The MX Anywhere 3 claims 70 days of battery life, Razer’s Pro Click Mini can last up to 30 days, and the Dell MS7421W (another tiny mouse with three Bluetooth profiles) is said to last up to 6 months.

The mouse software, Logitech Options, has a battery indicator but does not provide an accurate battery percentage.


Listen to me: the emoji button is actually useful

Let’s get that out of the way. I have absolutely no need or interest in an emoji button. The ability to bring up the Windows or macOS emoji menu in any app that supports text has done absolutely nothing to improve my life. The gimmick may appeal to a younger audience, but rendering the input as an emoji button really undercuts its value as a general-purpose programmable button.Don't worry: there are better ways to use the emoji button.Enlarge / Don’t worry: there are better ways to use the emoji button.

Sharon Harding

By default, pressing the flat, smooth button below the scroll wheel will bring up an emoji if you’re using Windows or macOS. However, if you download the Logitech Options app, you can reprogram this button to perform more useful functions. Or you can use the button instead to enter a specific, commonly used emoji.

The button below the scroll wheel can insert your favorite emoji - or do something more useful. Enlarge / The button below the scroll wheel can insert your favorite emoji – or do something more useful.

To be fair, I’m using the “thumbs up” emoji in Slack enough that the button could be useful with this functionality. But I preferred to use the button for other functions, such as showing or hiding the desktop, taking a screenshot, launching a website or app, or controlling media.

And remember, for quick access to emojis, just press the Windows key and “.” or “;” in Windows or Ctrl, Command and Space in macOS. Pop mouse not required.

Not a one-trick pony

Clicking the scroll wheel is also programmable.

In addition, the Options app allows the button settings to differ depending on the app that is currently in use. You can choose your own apps, and Logitech has a small number of pre-built profiles for a few popular ones, including Zoom and Teams, where the scroll wheel “click in” becomes a microphone switcher, and WeChat, where it becomes a screen recording tool. Adjust app-specific settings in the slimmed-down options software from Logitech. Enlarge / Adjust app-specific settings in the slimmed-down options software from Logitech.

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