Lenovo Legion Play leaked: Steam Deck’s Android-based rival, Swap

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  • A Lenovo Android-based gaming handheld leaked online.
  • The handheld was leaked through the company’s website.
  • It seems like Lenovo planned to announce it at MWC 2021.

We’ve seen some notable handheld gaming devices so far in 2021, like the Nintendo Switch OLED, the Steam Deck, and the most recent GPD XP. Now, it looks like Lenovo also prepared its own device for a reveal earlier this year.

A forum visitor at GBA Temp discovered pictures showing a Lenovo gaming handheld on Friday. These images were in turn linked to the manufacturer’s website and suggested the name Lenovo Legion Play.

Liliputing investigated this information and found that the images were uploaded to the websites of Lenovo Germany and Japan’s MWC 2021. This suggests that the company wanted to launch the device earlier this year, but plans have changed. What exactly are we looking at then?

We were also able to get the images from Lenovo’s website and they show a gaming handheld running Android with some sort of custom launcher. We also see icons for Geforce Now, the Play Store, and several Google apps. Other notable details that can be seen in the pictures are USB-C connectivity, a 3.5mm port, two analog sticks, four face buttons, a D-pad, shoulder buttons and some sort of concave back. It doesn’t look like there are cameras here.

In addition, the website contains a product description that was discovered by Liliputing and that we were also able to independently confirm.

“The Lenovo Legion Play is designed for AAA gaming and is the first Android cloud game console. With the console, users can play hundreds of cloud games, stream their game library or play mobile games, ”the description says.

“It has a frameless 7 ″ 16: 9 FHD display, HDR 10, integrated controllers, two speakers, dual vibration and a 7,000 mAh battery to offer the best gaming experience. Our developer program is open to all game developers. Available soon in selected markets. “

There is no other word on the chipset or other technical details. It’s also unclear whether Lenovo will position this as a gaming-only handheld or a phone as well, although the first image in the gallery above appears to show an icon for cellular signal strength.

We have contacted Lenovo representatives to find out what happened to this handheld and will update the article when it reaches us. However, would you buy the Lenovo Legion Play (assuming it has flagship internals)? Let us know via the poll above.

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