Legislation enforcement businesses should now publicly request entry to the Ring Doorbell movies

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One of the criticisms of Amazon’s Ring isn’t so much that the product or system isn’t working, but rather the invasion of privacy felt by some when the company allowed law enforcement in the country to access the Neighbors app. The idea on paper is that this is supposed to improve security, but many feel that it is an invasion of their privacy.

However, Amazon decided to make some changes that will hopefully make their customers feel better. Rather than completely excluding law enforcement agencies, Amazon wants to make these requests for video footage more transparent and public. This now requires law enforcement agencies to make public requests in the neighborhood app’s feed.

This means that whenever the police need access to footage, it is posted so that people know when these requests are being made. Amazon has also set it up so that users can choose to receive requests for help from law enforcement agencies, giving users a choice of whether or not to help.

These changes are expected to take effect next week. So, if you’ve always felt a little uncomfortable, hopefully these changes will calm you down.

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