Leaked iPhone 13 instances verify smaller notch, bigger digital camera module

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We’re only hours away from the official unveiling of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 13 range. The Cupertino giant is hosting its “California Streaming” event later today to showcase the iPhone 13 range, but just hours before launch, popular leaker Evleaks posted some pictures of the iPhone 13 cases. The images are of third-party cases and not official Apple cases.

A quick look at the cases shows the iPhone 13 with a smaller notch and a larger camera module. The pictures show that the earpiece has moved to the top of the Face ID array, which Apple has made room to move the Face ID components closer, making the notch smaller. They also show a larger MagSafe coil, which could mean we could see faster MagSafe charging speed and a new MagSafe charger on the iPhone 13.


– Ev (@evleaks) September 14, 2021

The camera module now looks much larger, with much larger lenses compared to the iPhone 12 series. Some pictures of the official Apple iPhone 13 cases leaked yesterday, and even that leak points to a larger camera module in the iPhone 13 as well. The launch event is now only about six hours away. It remains to be seen whether or not the leaked cases showcase the true iPhone 13 series.

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