It is World Emoji Day and Google up to date almost 1,000 emojis to have fun πŸŽ‰

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  • July 16 is World Emoji Day πŸŽ‰. For the 2021 iteration, Google is updating 992 of the cartoon images.
  • Some of the updates will just make them cuter. However, some updates make them more precise or more flexible in meaning.
  • In addition, certain apps now see emoji updates faster without having to wait for an operating system update.

It is usually around this time that we see new emojis on our phones, apps, and other devices. However, the Unicode Consortium, which is responsible for developing and standardizing Unicode-based emoji, delayed the adoption of the Unicode 14.0 standard. Instead of seeing that in March of this year, we won’t see it until September 😒. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic played a big role in this delay.

But what about World Emoji Day? So it is today and without a few new emojis, how are we going to πŸ₯³? Google felt it was a fair celebration to update some of its emoji designs – and by some, we mean a little less than 1,000 of them, or about 28% of all emojis.

Most updates are aesthetic in nature. Take a look at the differences between the old 🚚, πŸš—, and πŸš• emojis and their new designs:

Car emoji 2021

As you can see, they are clearly the same emojis, they just look a little different. The πŸ₯, 🍚, πŸ₯“, βœ‚, πŸ‘™ and many more also experienced aesthetic changes like this one.

However, some other changes to World Emoji Day are more significant. Take the 😷 emoji, for example. Currently, the face with the mask looks sad, probably because they are sick. However, most of the people who wear masks these days do it to prevent disease, so the emoji isn’t that useful. Check out the change below:

Mask emoji 2021

Another change in this direction is the πŸ₯§ emoji. Google’s variant of this currently looks very clearly like a piece of pumpkin pie. However, this is an American type of cake and may not work as well in other countries. Well, the cake emoji is just a cake for everyone to relate to:

Cake Emoji 2021

However, Google isn’t stopping World Emoji Day celebrations just to change some emojis. There’s another big change in business.

World Emoji Day 2021: Faster rollouts on the go 😊

As you’d expect, Android 12 will have all of these updated emoji when it lands (likely in August or early September). It usually goes like this: you have to wait for an OS update to get all of the new and updated emojis of the year.

Thankfully, Google makes things a little faster, at least when it comes to specific apps. If an Android app supports Appcompat – a tool that enables Android apps to be compatible with multiple Android versions – it immediately receives the latest emoji. You still have to wait for the next OS update for the new system-level emojis to appear, but they should display properly in your favorite apps.

The downside to this faster rollout, however, is that it won’t work before Android 12. If you know that Android 11 will be your phone’s last operating system update, you will be stuck without the latest emoji 😭.

Have a nice World Emoji Day 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸ™Œ everyone

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