Intel Alder Lake might begin early, coinciding with the following model of Home windows

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Microsoft may be using Intel’s 12th generation processor platform, also known as Alder Lake, to launch its next version of Windows this fall. While the 12th generation Alder Lake on desktops was originally expected to launch in November, according to the latest rumors, Intel may postpone the launch of Alder Lake for desktops to October to coincide with the debut of the next version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system .

“The next version of Windows comes with massive planning upgrades and appears to be coming out around the launch of Alder Lake K,” wrote Moore’s Law is Dead, which has a YouTube channel of the same name, in a tweet. “No coincidence folks… And yes – Microsoft will be unveiling ‘Windows 11’ (or whatever you call it) on June 24th. It’s a new Windows. “

Intel presented Alder Lake at CES earlier this year and pointed out that the new silicon will be equipped with a hybrid design. Unlike previous desktop processors, Alder Lake will use a heterogeneous mix of cores combining highly efficient and powerful cores. According to Hot Hardware, if the new start time is correct, Microsoft and Intel would have likely worked closely to optimize the new version of Windows for the 12th generation platform. Early leaks suggest that Alder Lake will offer a 20% increase in performance over previous designs in single-thread performance. The increase in performance is up to 100% with multithreaded performance.

In addition to the new hybrid architecture, Alder Lake will also support DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0.

With regard to the next Windows release, Microsoft had sent a teaser that it would present its new release on June 24th. The Redmond, Washington-based software giant didn’t say whether the release will be a sequel to Windows 10, or whether it will switch to a new numbering scheme and call it Windows 11 – or maybe something else entirely.

Although Microsoft is announcing and previewing the next version of Windows, the operating system may not be available in stores until the fall, so the timing works well with Alder Lake’s rumored earlier-than-expected launch. Some expect this new version of Windows to bring the much anticipated visual overhaul of Sun Valley to the platform, and if it’s right, Alder Lake will be among the first new processors to take advantage of all of the changes to the Microsoft operating system.

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