Instagram Stay is getting new options that basically flip it into an audio chat room

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Facebook is again trying to mimic Clubhouse’s success in popularizing audio chat rooms. And this time around, the company is relying on its biggest social media hit – Instagram – to help achieve that goal. The company is making some improvements to Instagram Live and is now Users can turn off the microphone or end their camera feed, essentially turning the live video broadcast into a group audio chat.

“We hope that these features will offer even more ways in which people on Instagram Live can connect with each other and with their communities,” said Facebook manager Alexandru Voica in his tweet. In case you aren’t aware, Instagram Live lets you go live on the platform and broadcast in real time while people are watching and responding. The new Instagram Live trick comes two months after the app released a feature called Live Rooms that allows up to four people to go live at the same time.

We are building on the start of Live Rooms from the beginning of March and offer the option of switching off audio and / or video during a live broadcast.

We hope these features add even more ways in which people can connect with each other and their communities on Instagram Live.

– Alexandru Voica (@alexvoica) April 29, 2021

With the ability to end audio or video during an Instagram Live session, attendees can not only maintain their privacy, but also save network bandwidth. If you’ve used video conferencing platforms like Google Meet or Zoom for your meetings on a congested network, you know what I’m talking about. In this case, however, it seems like Instagram Live is also looking to compete with Clubhouse by taking advantage of its large user base and popularity.

However, it’s not the first time Facebook has tried to capitalize on the popularity of live audio chat rooms. In the first week of April, Facebook’s experimental product division, NPE, launched a web-based application called Hotline, which essentially linked elements of Clubhouse and Instagram Live. A few weeks later, Facebook introduced a new feature called Live Audio Rooms, which includes monetization tools, such as: B. the ability to bill listeners for a one-time fee or subscription to attend a live group audio session.

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