Idea Apple TV envisions a MagSafe holder that may wirelessly cost the Siri distant management

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Photo credit – Iván Antón

As far as set-top boxes are concerned, the Apple TV is small and inconspicuous and can be easily hidden if necessary. However, could the design of the Apple TV be further improved? We imagine that, and that is what designer Iván Antón tried in his own concept of the Apple TV.

In his concept, Antón imagines the Apple TV to be directly equipped with a power socket. This allows the Apple TV to be plugged directly into an electrical outlet, saving users an extra power cord in addition to the HDMI cable that the device uses. This creates a much cleaner alternative to the current setup.

However, what we think could be the selling point would be that Antón built in a MagSafe charger that is built into the Apple TV itself. Building MagSafe into the Apple TV itself would allow users to wirelessly charge the Siri remote. It would also be a good place for users to store and assemble the remote control when not in use so that it is not replaced.

This is a much more elegant solution compared to the current setup which still relies on wired charging for the Siri Remote. That being said, this is a concept so don’t get yourself hoping it will become a reality anytime soon or at all.

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