Honor 50 pictures present a wierd digicam setup, distinctive coloration schemes

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Honor 50 series color tease Weibo


  • An official teaser picture of the Honor 50 series has revealed a unique camera design with two circular cases.
  • It looks like a case houses a large main camera.
  • Other supposedly leaked images give us a closer look at the camera housing and color variations.

Honor announced that the Honor 50 series would be launched later this month, and we took a peek at the phone last week thanks to a teaser (pictured above). Well, it looks like Honor and third parties took a closer look at the upcoming phones and showed us some pretty insane camera design.

A picture posted on the Honor Weibo account shows the back of the phone, complete with a glittery silver color scheme. But take a closer look and you will see two round camera housings, one of which houses a seemingly huge camera sensor and the other three smaller cameras and a flash. Click the image below for a closer look.

Honor 50 series teaser

This camera layout appears to be confirmed in three more images that were reportedly posted on Weibo and shared by tipsters Ishan Agarwal and Rodent950. We can’t verify the actual source of these images, but it would also indicate a large main lens. The pictures also show more distinct colorways, including a black model and a pretty eye-catching pink / purple / blue color scheme. Check out these pictures below.

We suspect that Honor has either an ultra-high-resolution main camera (e.g. 100MP) or a huge main sensor with a much lower resolution (similar to the 20MP one-inch sensor in the Sharp Aquos R6). Each approach has pros and cons, but it definitely feels like we’re at a point where returns are going down by opting for more megapixels.

We’ve also seen more conventional main cameras that have been paired with micro-gimbal setups for improved stability, resulting in a larger body, so that’s theoretically possible too. However, there are no details about the other three cameras, but we suspect that ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses are available here.

Honor previously confirmed that its new series will run on the Snapdragon 778G chipset. It added that a new Honor Magic series with “the highest quality Qualcomm chipset” would also hit the market. A company Twitter account also said those phones would offer Google assistance in a now-deleted tweet.

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