Google Pixel three gadgets come out of nowhere

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Several users report that their Google Pixel 3 devices started from scratch on popular forums. The problem seems to be spreading and there also doesn’t seem to be any warning signs, making it harder to spot or prevent.

Many Pixel 3 devices started bricking a few months ago (via GSMArena) but it’s only now coming to light and becoming a much bigger problem than initially thought. Worst of all, Google has not yet commented on the problem and there is no working solution today. The devices are also out of warranty, so there is no way to return them, although hardware repairs are likely still available.

Users report on Reddit and other social channels how their devices got bricked up overnight and they can’t turn them back on or do anything with them. All of them have become expensive paperweights overnight, and there are no solutions yet. Most devices go into Qualcomm Emergency Download Mode (EDL) which prevents users from installing a custom ROM, making it impossible to get to the bootloader. The problem may be with a potential security patch or with the framework of the Snapdragon chips, although this is currently just speculation and more digging will be needed to reach the end.

Some users believe it is a hardware malfunction while others say it is due to security updates. We know the problem seems very similar to the LG Nexus devices, which were notorious for boot loops, and the company even received a number of lawsuits at the time. Google has not yet officially commented on the issue, although there have been reports on the Google forums that seem to be attracting more Pixel users. If you’re a Pixel 3 user and your device is still working fine, it’s best not to update until we get a direct response from Google. Also, we strongly recommend that you back up all your important files to avoid data loss.

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