Google Pixel Buds A: What You Want To Know About Google’s Cheaper Buds

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At the time, Google brought some headphones onto the market. However, the Google Pixel Buds were their first foray into true wireless space. These are some great headphones, but they come with a high price tag that matches their high quality. Now the company has introduced a cheaper version called the Google Pixel Buds A.

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The nickname “A” fits the nomenclature he uses for his budget-oriented smartphones like the Google Pixel 4a. As you would expect, the Pixel Buds A look very similar to the main Pixel Buds, but have left out some features to bring the price down.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Pixel Buds A!

Google Pixel Buds A: Design and Touch

Google Pixel Buds One design

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

As you may have noticed, the Google Pixel Buds A look identical to the second generation Pixel Buds. In fact, they are identical except for the new Dark Olive color option offered with the A-Series model. The part that rests in your ear is also no longer black, but the same color as the buds themselves.

The lack of design changes means you get the same touch-sensitive surfaces that you can tap once, twice, or three times for different actions. You can also long press to activate Google Assistant, which accepts voice commands through the buds and then transmits them to your connected smartphone.

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However, you lose the wiping assistance. That means you can’t swipe up or down to decrease or increase the volume. To do this without touching your phone, you’ll need to use the Google Assistant’s voice commands (“Hey Google, turn up the volume”).

All in all, it will be very difficult to tell the difference between the Google Pixel Buds A and the main Pixel Buds just by looking at them. There are some significant differences inside, however.

Same sound quality, some features removed, some added

Google Pixel Buds A test

If sound quality is your primary concern, you’ll be happy to know that the Pixel Buds A should sound just as good as the Pixel Buds. Both models have the same dynamic 12 mm speaker drivers with two beamforming microphones. There’s even the same ventilation to let outside noise through and prevent the “swimmer’s ear” feeling.

The Adaptive Sound function of the main Pixel Buds is also supported. This will automatically adjust the music volume to the noise level in your surroundings. There are also bass boost features for that extra oomph.

In some ways, the Pixel Buds A are better than the main Pixel Buds. There are a few caveats, however.

Interestingly, Google is using an updated chipset in the Google Pixel Buds A. This new hardware allows each earbud to connect to your phone independently. This is different from the main Pixel Buds, which force one bud to connect to the phone and the other to connect in a chain to the other bud. This updated processor should also create a stronger connection with your phone, which will help prevent audio dropouts more frequently. In a way, these upgrades make the Pixel Buds A better than the regular Buds.

But what are you losing One of the biggest failings is wireless charging. However, battery life should be the same on both models, as should their wired charging speeds. There is also no internal LED charging indicator for the case (the external one remains). Attention alerts – which notify you with a beep when dogs bark, babies cry, sirens, etc. – are also not supported here.

Prices and availability

Google Pixel Buds A distinctly white dark olive

The regular Pixel Buds are $ 179, which isn’t cheap. Fortunately, the Google Pixel Buds A are much cheaper at $ 99 / £ 99 / € 99. They are available in two colors: the classic Clearly White and the new Dark Olive.

Pre-orders are now possible for the USA and Canada directly from Google. The company expects deliveries to reach customers on June 17th.

For more information on availability in your respective country, see your localized version of the Google Store.

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