Google now helps you to clear the final 15 minutes of search historical past (however solely on iOS)

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Luka Mlinar / Android Authority


  • Google announced that iOS users can now clear the last 15 minutes of their search history.
  • The feature will be available for Android later this year.
  • This is the latest fall in a Google feature or app to come first on iOS.

Google made a number of announcements at its I / O 2021 event a few months ago, and one of the smaller tidbits was that smartphone users can seamlessly clear the last 15 minutes of their search history from a button on the Google app.

It’s been a while since this announcement, but the search giant has now announced that this feature is finally available (h / t: -). Unfortunately, this is currently limited to iOS users only. The company says it will be rolling out the Android version of the Google app “later this year.”

It’s a little disappointing to see Apple users getting some Google love again in front of Mountain View’s own platforms. We’ve already seen that Google first launched entire apps like Gboard and Motion Stills on iOS. Google recently launched YouTube Music on the Apple Watch earlier this year, despite the fact that its current Wear OS platform lacks the app (Google says the Wear OS version will be launched later this year).

Even in cases where an app is available on both platforms, it’s not uncommon for the iOS version to include features that the Android version lacks. Android Police has gone so far as to compile a list of some of the more prominent missing features.

There are likely a few reasons why Google launches apps and / or features on Apple’s platforms first, such as: B. fewer devices and more users (at least when comparing Watch OS with Wear OS). But it’s still a strange situation when your own platforms are let down. However, what do you think of the company’s decision to launch apps and features on Apple’s devices first? Let us know via the poll below.

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