Google desires to construct Nest Hubs into lodge rooms

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If you’ve stayed at a hotel in the past few years, you may have noticed how some hotels have been upgraded to become “smarter”. This can take the form of functions such as tablets, where guests can use the tablet to control various devices such as the lights, play music, set an alarm, control the curtains and much more.

But if that’s not enough, Google hopes to make hotels even smarter. In an announcement from Guest Supply and Volara, they announced that they would be teaming up with Google in the US for “Google for Hotels”. This means that we can expect participating hotels to have hardware like the Google Nest Hub that allows guests to control various aspects of the room with their voice.

According to the announcement, guests can set a wake-up alarm, speak to reception, receive a recommendation or have an item brought to their room with the simple voice command ‘Hey Google’. You can also use this feature to request information about the weather, attractions, restaurants and much more.

It sounds pretty interesting, although we have to wonder how some guests might feel having a smart speaker in their room. There are some who avoid such devices in their own four walls for privacy reasons. Whether or not these devices are critical to the running of the room is unclear, and whether or not guests can remove them with no problem.

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