Galaxy S21 Extremely is lastly getting eSIM help, however there’s a catch

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Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • US owners of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can now use eSIM.
  • However, you must be running the Beta version of One UI 4.0.
  • Activation of the mobile operator requires scanning a QR code.

US owners of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can now use eSIM support, but only if they have signed up for Samsung beta updates.

The option was rolled out along with the first beta of One UI 4.0 for the US and Europe, says Android Central. With eSIM, users can activate the phone service without a physical SIM card, which can be particularly useful when traveling internationally. Samsung’s approach requires scanning a QR code from the carrier, which can block some prepaid plans.

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eSIM has been mentioned in the official Galaxy S21 FAQ for some time. It’s not clear why Samsung has been slow to adopt it, and in fact, Google’s Pixel phones have had eSIMs since 2017.

A likely factor is cost – While eSIM support is relatively cheap to implement, it still adds to a phone’s bill of materials and most phone buyers can get away with a traditional SIM card. In fact, the first SIM cards date back to 1991, which means the technology is cheap and ubiquitous.

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