Eerily lovely photographs present how TV expertise has modified

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Photo: Lee Chapman

A remarkable collection of photos by Japanese-based photographer Lee Chapman shows old, long-forgotten televisions in their original surroundings.

The eerily beautiful pictures were taken by Chapman over the past 10 years while exploring abandoned houses, hotels and schools that were buried deep in the Japanese countryside.

An old television.Photo: Lee Chapman

The images of places that were once full of life are also a strong reminder of how much television technology has changed over the decades, as old CRTs (cathode ray tubes) have given way to more advanced flat panel displays.

“Televisions are still a ubiquitous feature in living rooms and hotel rooms, but like viewing habits, designs have changed tremendously, and televisions are a reminder of how dramatic those changes were,” said the photographer.

An old television.Photo: Lee Chapman

Chapman, also an accomplished street photographer whose work has appeared in publications around the world, has a longstanding fascination with “haikyo,” the Japanese word for “ruins,” and as a result often comes across various technologies that have fallen by the wayside.

An old television.Photo: Lee Chapman

“Finding personal belongings in an abandoned building is always the most powerful, but in some ways old technology can feel the same,” Chapman told Digital Trends. “Telephones that used to be used every day and televisions around which people would once have gathered not only give an indication of the time, but also make it easier to imagine the lives of those who have spent time there.”

Lee Chapman

To see Chapman’s full pictures of televisions from a bygone era – including old models from Toshiba, Hitachi, and National – be sure to check out the post on his photo page.

Digital Trends interviewed Lee Chapman a few years ago about his street photography. You can read the article here.

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