Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo N8 Professional + within the check: does the work quietly

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Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo N8 Pro +

RRP $ 700.00

“With the Deebot N8 Pro + you spend less time babysitting and can concentrate more on other things than vacuuming.”


  • Very low noise when vacuuming

  • Mop floors very well

  • Avoid most obstacles


  • Mopping plate is difficult to remove

If you have not dealt with the robot vacuum cleaner for a long time, you may notice a special trend over the last year: self-draining bots that do the job without any interaction from us humans. Sure, you still have to empty the bag at some point when it’s full, but this iterative feature makes it more autonomous.

Most of the big brands offer some sort of self-draining robot hoover, including Ecovacs with its latest model, the Deebot Ozmo N8 Pro +. You may be wondering what’s so special about this one that we’ve never seen before, but the convenience of a self-draining vacuum cleaner is only part of the bigger equation. Can he also clean intelligently without being hindered by obstacles? Here’s what I found out.


One look at the Deebot Ozmo N8 Pro + and there’s no denying that it’s built like every other robotic vacuum cleaner I’ve seen. Even if the aesthetics are so extraordinary, the only distinguishable aspect here is the bluish paintwork. It’s worth noting, however, that it has two side sweeping brushes that help funnel debris into the underside brush and work at a slower speed to keep small bits of debris from being thrown in all directions.

Top view of the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo N8 Pro +.John Velasco / Digital Trends

The Ozmo N8 Pro + also has a wipe function that makes it a double-duty model. The microfiber pad in particular is not like the skimpy pad other robotic vacuums use – it actually has substance to make contact with the floor! Unfortunately, removing the mop plate from the water tank isn’t as intuitive as I would like it to be as you really need to use some force on it.


Lidar technology enables the Deebot N8 Pro + to clean efficiently, reducing time and maximizing its cleaning schedule. From the start of the first cleaning, he managed to map the different rooms in my apartment because he is actively vacuuming. On the second go-around, I could tell that it knew exactly what to do from the start, as it would move in a zigzag pattern in free space.

Close-up of the sensors of the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo N8 Pro +.John Velasco / Digital Trends

Corners are also handled very well, but it’s worth noting that it’s also fairly gentle when cleaning around furniture and other obstacles it encounters while vacuuming. Similar to other vacuums with lidar technology, there is the option to set up no-go zones or virtual walls to prevent the bot from entering certain rooms, which is handy when you have places that you don’t want to be disturbed.

Obstacle avoidance

The Deebot N8 Pro + uses laser-based 3D technology, which Ecovacs calls TrueDetect, which gives it the vision of seeing what is in front of it and figuring out the best way to get around it. For the most part, it does the job, but it’s still not without its flaws.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo N8 Pro + on hardwood floor.John Velasco / Digital Trends

For example, it intelligently sucked around a lonely sock that was lying on the floor – and it was good also to avoid water bowls that I left on the floor for my cats. However, it can still be tripped over by those pesky cable wires on the floor, especially the thinner ones I use for my smartphones. It seems to distinguish thicker cable wires better, like those found on power strips or other large devices, but the thinner ones are a hit-or-miss.

But I have to admit that the Deebot N8 Pro + does not get stuck like other vacuum robots. Sure, it can get under some furniture, like an entertainment center, but it does a good job of telling whether or not it has the required passage.

Cleaning performance

Thanks to its two side brushes, the Deebot N8 Pro + treats hard floors like a champion. Pet hair and other smaller particles of dirt will be eaten up with no problem, but the same deep cleaning that I get from traditional upright vacuums when it comes to carpets and rugs still cannot be achieved. Its suction power increases when it touches carpets, but only ensures superficial cleaning.

Since it is a 2-in-1 combination, adding a wiping function offers enormous added value here. While it only relies on water to mop floors, my feet can tell how much cleaner my hardwood floors feel than if I just vacuumed them. I also like how you can use the app to set how much water the Deebot N8 Pro + emits during cleaning. More stubborn buildups, however, required several passes to be completely removed. But it’s still unbeatable to have a bot that can mop and vacuum at the same time.

An often overlooked aspect of robotic vacuums is how loud they sound when vacuuming. I was surprised at how quietly the Deebot N8 Pro + runs, low enough that it never distracted me while I was working. Compared to other vacuum robots, such as the iRobot Roomba i7 +, it is significantly quieter in operation. It is only loud and annoying when it empties its contents into the self-emptying charging station. It sounds like a jet engine, but that’s what most of them sound like.

Our opinion

Ecovacs is undoubtedly up to something good with the $ 700 Deebot N8 Pro +. It’s a reliable bot that cleans well, doubles as a mop, and even empties itself. All of these factors definitely add incredible value – especially when it is able to tackle most obstacles without major intervention.

Is there a better alternative?

The Samsung Jet Bot AI + would be the only other superior vacuum robot to consider. It offers exceptional obstacle avoidance, has a self-draining bin and even has a neat security camera patrol mode that can monitor movement. However, you pay significantly more for it.

The only other model that corresponds to the Deebot N8 Pro + in terms of price and performance is the iRobot Roomba j7 +, which is faster in cleaning performance and handles obstacles just as well.

How long it will take?

Proper maintenance will extend the life of the Deebot N8 Pro +, so it is important to keep the brushes free from tangles and to remove any dust that collects over the sensors. There is a 1-year limited warranty that is included and covers defects.

Should you buy it?

Yes sir. Why pay for two different robots when you can get a single one that can vacuum, mop, self-drain, and confidently navigate your home without tripping too many times.

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