EcoFlow launches DELTA mini, an excellent moveable energy plant

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EcoFlow currently makes some of the best power plants on the market, with solutions ranging from products for short camping trips to devices that can power any device in your home for days on end. People’s access to reliable energy is changing, and recently the need for such power plants has increased. To create a more accessible power plant that is suitable for everyone, EcoFlow is introducing the DELTA mini.

The DELTA mini is super compact and light. It fits effortlessly in the back of any car, on your desk, under a table or is easy to transport. Even at the smaller size, EcoFlow hasn’t left out any of the features you would expect from a large power plant. You can still use things like 300W solar input charge and 882Wh capacity, and 1400W output that can power 90% of home appliances.

The EcoFlow DELTA starts on HSN at a discounted price of $ 799. This sale begins on September 5th. The sale price is a limited time offer that is only available to launch the product. Take advantage of the sale while it is available as the standard price is $ 999 EcoFlow website.

Work anywhere with a reliable power supply

So many people around the world are suddenly able to work remotely. People can take advantage of this and work from camping trips, off-grid environments, road trips, to the beach or wherever they want. The DELTA mini provides reliable power that will keep your computer running for days.

Whether you work with a single laptop or need a desktop with multiple monitors and mobile devices, the DELTA mini is up to any task. Power devices with up to 1800W power with EcoFlows patented X-Boost technology.

EcoFlow Delta Mini computer backup power supply

Stay fit for your outdoor adventure

This simple product can open the door to a myriad of new outdoor opportunities for you. The ability to take this device with a huge 882Wh capacity having you is a great asset. Stay powered up for days on an extended camping trip while you charge your phone, laptop, power a mini fridge, or use things like hair dryers or electric pans.

When it’s time to recharge, you can use the 75V solar input. Combine your DELTA mini with three of the 110 W solar modules from EcoFlow to generate up to 300W solar charge. This will fully charge your power plant in 4-8 hours.

EcoFlow Delta MiniEcoFlow DELTA Mini Off-Grid Power

Use during power outages and emergencies at home

Power outages are an ever-increasing problem as floods, forest fires, snowstorms and natural disasters affect people’s electricity supply. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard. The Delta mini is capable of powering most of your home appliances, making it much easier to survive such situations.

Many people find themselves in situations in which they only have electricity for a short time, sometimes only for hours a day. The DELTA mini can be charged from 0-80% in just one hour, and fully charged in 1.6 hours. In this way, you can ensure the necessary emergency power supply even in a short time frame.

EcoFlow Delta MiniPortable and lightweight design of the EcoFlow DELTA Mini

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the new DELTA mini for just $ 799. Check the HSN on September 5th to see this special sale price for this new product from EcoFlow.

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