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22 million Americans live with permanent disabilities that affect their arms or eyesight. The Degree Inclusive container was designed to be easy for you to use.


One in four Americans has a disability, but many products don’t take this into account. Degree Deodorant has developed Degree Inclusive, the world’s first inclusive deodorant for people with visual impairments and motor disabilities of the upper extremities. The redesigned bottle shape features a hook design for one-hand operation as well as magnetic closures, improved handle placement, a Braille label and a larger roll-on applicator.

Christina Mallon, a disabled designer, worked with the company on the new product. She said it was inspired by her own desire to self-care and her belief that the 22 million Americans with permanent disabilities that affect their arms and / or eyesight share that desire.

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The new product differs visibly from the standard deodorant, in particular through the hook lid and the wide area in which the bottle can be gripped.

People without a disability may not see a problem with a standard deodorant bottle, which is why Mallon said it was important to have people with different skills and experience involved in the redesign. The Muscular Dystrophy Association was involved in testing the prototype.

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Thanks to the large roll-up area, users can cover more area with one wipe, which minimizes the effort required to apply deodorant.


“Opening and applying a regular deodorant that 3 million Americans currently don’t have takes two hands with grip and strength,” Mallon said. “Users with the severely visually impaired have difficulty identifying the deodorant easily without the addition of a braille display. They also reported that the sound of the magnets, when the cap is properly placed on the base, reassures them that it is being used. “

Making personal care products accessible to all is important, Mallon said.

“Most non-disabled people do not understand the importance of care for people with disabilities and how it affects our ability to interact safely with society,” she said.

You cannot buy Degree Inclusive yet. The revised product is currently a prototype that is going through test phases. However, the company says it will soon be commercially available in the US and will be sold at the same price as Degree’s earlier products. Those interested can sign up for email updates on when the product is on sale.

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Degree Inclusive’s bottle shape features a hook design for one-handed use, plus magnetic closures, improved handle placement, a Braille label, and a larger roll-on applicator.


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