Bob’s Burgers Film: The Belchers Cook dinner Up a Memorial Day Launch Date – CNET

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Prepare to spend Memorial Day 2022 with the Belcher clan.

Fox Animation Studios / Walt Disney Studios

Bob’s Burgers fans, prepare to spend your Memorial Day weekend 2022 with the Belchers. The movie about everyone’s favorite animated burger flip family is out now on March 27th.

Bob’s Burgers’ official Twitter account posted the date and a poster for the film on Friday.

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the The film was turned over more than one of Bob’s classic burger of the day, which changes from July 2020 to April 2021 and now through May 2022.

Not much was revealed about the plot, but show creator Loren Bouchard ignored a few clues. When a fan asked in 2019 why the youngest Belcher child, Louise, always wears pink bunny ears, he tweeted that the film would explain this. Well, he just tweeted “movie” but it made sense before the person who asked deleted their tweet.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bouchard also said in 2018 that the “movie will reunite Louise with her beloved night light Kuchi Kopi in her dreams for another trippy adventure.” And John Roberts, speaking to Belcher matriarch Linda, said the film is going to be “very musical.” Sounds good to that Belcher devotee as long as there is Tina fear and you know it will be.

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