Ballot: What would make you purchase a foldable telephone?

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Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Foldable phones have improved a lot since they debuted in 2019. Back then, the Galaxy Fold’s release was delayed due to major hinge / screen issues, the Huawei Mate X’s fold-out design ultimately turned out to be the wrong solution for now, and Royole offered the unpolished FlexPai.

Fast forward to 2021 and for the most part there have been some notable improvements. We’ve also seen the collapsible form factor emerge as the design of choice for large folding items, as well as the rise of clamshell designs for more pocket-friendly folding items. However, the product segment is still in its infancy, and that’s why we’d like to know what would induce you to buy a foldable phone. Let us know via the poll below.

The top foldable smartphones of today such as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 have improved massively compared to the past. These devices offer waterproof designs (but no dust resistance), ultra-thin glass, and generally more durable foldable screens, as well as slightly cheaper prices.

But there are still a few kinks to fix, like the display crease, screens that still feel a bit soft compared to traditional phone displays, and overall slimmer, lighter designs. What do you think needs to be clarified before you go on board? Make your selections above and leave a comment below if you’d like further clarification.

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