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The always popular Always pan is on sale right now and this time for the lowest price ever. If you’ve checked out the Instagram-famous pan that can do the job of multiple kitchen tools, now is the time to jump into one – either for yourself or as a great kitchen gift. We put the Always Pan through its paces (see below) and liked the versatile kitchen worktop, but we think it’s a bit pricey at $ 145. Because of this, we’re very excited to see this Always Pan deal at $ 46 off the normal price. This is the lowest price ever and it probably won’t be that cheap any time soon.

The Always Pan is on sale for a limited time and comes in a rainbow of cool matte colors. It is also sent here for free new all-time low of $ 99 so no hidden gotcha fees to worry about. In addition to the brand’s signature cookware, you will receive discounts on cutlery, knives, glassware and other kitchen appliances from Our Place during the limited special sale.

Our place recently also has the Perfect pot (Read my Perfect Pot review here). This is another solid multipurpose kitchen tool, but again too expensive at $ 165 so we’re waiting for this device to drop in price too. (Don’t worry, you’ll find out first.)

My review of Always Pan, originally published last year, follows.

As a New Yorker who has to account for every square inch of his apartment – especially for the kitchen – I am always fascinated by the space-saving demands of gadgets and cookware that can do the work of two or three (or more) others. This is exactly what the Always Pan is being marketed for, a new frying pan from the kitchen start-up Our Place. The brand caught my attention with silky smooth advertising on social media, promising that the pan would be my new favorite piece of everyday cookware, replacing a lot of my existing kitchen gadgets. Eight pieces of cookware to be precise. That was enough to motivate me to take a spin with the popular pan, and I quickly realized that the Always Pan is a lot to love, even if it is not quite the kitchen game changer than the manufacturer she boasts.

The claim

The Always Pan describes itself as a do-it-all pan that replaces your frying pan, non-stick pan, frying pan, steamer, pan, saucer, saucepan, spatula and spoon rest; A single cookware that you can use to stew, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, boil, serve and store. A pan that you will “always” use not just often.


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What i liked

At first glance, it’s hard to miss just how darn good this pan looks, which is sure to be a big part of its popularity. The Always Pan has a sleek, modern aesthetic and is available in four warm colors, each with a matt finish: anthracite (gray-black), spice (light salmon), sage green and steam (ivory). You could absolutely keep this pan on the counter with the lid on and it wouldn’t look weird or out of place. It’s also light and easy to use, but feels solid and well constructed so I wouldn’t worry about it breaking or breaking.

Designed for versatile use: While frying pans allow you to do a lot more than just fry, most aren’t necessarily made with multiple cooking methods in mind. Not so with the Always Pan, which allows you to safely prepare sauces with the unusually high sides (almost 3 inches), for example, and steam foods such as fish and vegetables with the custom insert.

Built-in spoon rest / storage: I don’t know why not every pan has one of them. The handle of the pan with a notch to hold the specially developed wooden spatula serves both as storage and as a temporary spoon rest when cooking. I love this feature and use it a lot. The spatula protrudes above the bottom of the pan so I’m assuming that over time the heat could damage the wood if you leave it there for long periods of time, but if you need to put it down for a brief second to get around other ingredients to grab or maintain to another pot or pan, it’s very nice to have.


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It’s a great size: There are a lot of 10 inch frying pans out there so this was by no means a revelation, but for a single guy like me, or even while cooking for me and a guest, this pan is the ideal size for almost anything from meat to vegetables to side dishes. Maybe if I ran a household of four or more I would pull out the 12-inch frying pans instead. As mentioned earlier, the high sides are great and mean less spillage as well as plenty of vertical space for fish and vegetables to build up steam.


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Steam basket: Speaking of which, steaming in a pan is totally quick and easy, so it makes sense to have a steamer basket that fits snugly in the pan. It’s another feature that I use regularly and I asked myself, “Why isn’t every frying pan included?” especially since the production cannot be too expensive.

What I did not like

Ceramic surface: This unique cooking surface is a bit of a double-edged sword. While it’s probably the easiest surface to clean, non-stick (honestly, nothing sticks to this pan), and non-toxic, it’s also somewhat limiting. No matter how hot I turned on the burner under my Always Pan, it never really turned on like cast iron, carbon steel or stainless steel consistently do. So while it’s an excellent pan for cooking vegetables, eggs, and shellfish, try caramelized burgers, or steaks Scallops is it not so easy.

Still, I think for what this pan is supposed to be – an extremely versatile, easy-to-clean griddle for all of the quick daily chores – it is probably the right material. Traditional non-stick coatings on cookware expire fairly quickly, sometimes in less than a year depending on usage. At $ 145, you’d likely want a pan like this to stay with you a little longer, which makes this coating a better choice in my opinion. Although ceramic non-stick coatings are harder than traditional non-stick coatings, they still don’t compare to steel or cast iron, so you should still be a little careful. For one thing, the Always Pan is recommended not to use metal cooking utensils, and while it claims to be dishwasher safe, I would simply hand wash it with soap and warm water. The company even provides a safe sponge.

The handle: This is a minor point of criticism, but the pan’s handle is square, and I have certainly used pans with handles that are better adapted to the curve of a human hand and are therefore more comfortable. I noticed that, but it didn’t bother me too much.

It is not ovenproof: This is another rather minor inconvenience, especially since I’m looking for an excuse to use my beloved Dutch oven, but if you’re hoping for a pan that can go off the stove to bake it isn’t.

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The judgment

The Always Pan is usually $ 145, which isn’t cheap, especially for a single skillet, but I claim it’s worth it for the right cook. Who is this person? If you are the type who cooks a lot at home but doesn’t have a lot of awfully complicated meals and fond of e.g. chicken and steamed or sauteed vegetables then this is a solid pan and will likely fly in and out of the closet on a regular basis. You could really get away with just that one pan attached to a saucepan or stockpot and be able to work through most of the basic recipes without too much trouble. It would also be the perfect single pan to equip an extremely small kitchen like in a mobile home or small office.

With a 20% discount, it’s a lot easier to justify. I’ve used it a lot really, and not just because I tested it, but it wasn’t the only pan I reached for during a test run. I still see value in having smaller saucers, larger frying pans, my favorite wok, and a few other cookware that I use weekly, if not more. Perhaps “Often Pan” would be a more appropriate, if not far less attractive, name. However, it is one of the more versatile pans per square inch than you will find on the market and a solid addition to the right kitchen collection.

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