Apple’s upcoming AR / VR headset requires an iPhone to work

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As you know, Apple is working on a mixed reality headset. Apple’s AR / VR headset is slated to hit the market soon – the headset could be released this year – and is expected to feature specs like dual 8K displays, advanced eye-tracking technology, and more. Now The Information has reported that the upcoming AR / VR headset will require an iPhone or Mac to unlock its full functionality. It will be similar to the first generation Apple Watch that came out with only Wi-Fi connectivity and required an iPhone to function.

According to the report, Apple has completed work on the headset’s 5nm chip. The chip is said to be “not as powerful as the one for iPhones”. The chip lacks ML and AI capabilities, for which it probably needs a connection to the iPhone. In addition to the main CPU chip, Apple has developed two more chips for the headset that are ready for series production at Apple’s main chip supplier TSMC. The report claims TSMC could target 2022 for mass production of the chip and the device could be announced in 2022, as opposed to suggested by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in late 2021.

“Instead, the headset is supposed to communicate wirelessly with a host device, presumably a phone, computer, or tablet, which will take on the more powerful computing power required to display virtual, blended, and augmented reality images,” the person said. “

One of the additional chips is the headset’s image sensor. The report claims that Apple’s image sensor for the AR / VR headset is “unusually large” because it is “supposed to capture high-resolution image data from a user’s surroundings for AR”. “TSMC struggled to produce the chip flawlessly and had poor yields during test production,” said the person.

There were rumors that Apple would soon be unveiling its mixed reality headset, but TSMC was struggling to manufacture the chips for the headset, which could cause delays. Apple may not release the AR / VR headset until 2023 if the current timeline is believed. Are you looking forward to Apple’s AR / VR headset? What are your expectations of it? Leave a comment and let us know!

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