Apple Watch to watch the newborn that was delivered in the course of the flight

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While it probably doesn’t happen often, people give birth on airplanes. There is a risk, however, as airplanes are hardly the most hygienic of locations. If something goes wrong there is no guarantee of a doctor or medically trained person, let alone the lack of certain medical equipment.

However, sometimes you have to do with what you have a doctor and three neonatal nurses did on a flight from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Honolulu, Hawaii. Lavinia Mounga, one of the passengers on board, didn’t know she was pregnant before going into labor, but luckily the doctor and nurses were on board to deliver her baby.

As we said earlier, medical equipment was lacking, but they got by with the devices available, including an Apple Watch that could measure and monitor the baby’s heart rate.

Dr. Dale Glenn, the doctor on the flight said, “None of the equipment we have was designed for a premature baby, and this baby was born at 29 weeks instead of the normal 40 weeks, right? So we made baby warmers out of microwave-cooled bottles. We used an Apple Watch to measure heart rate. “

The baby was successfully delivered and upon landing, the mother and baby were taken to Kapiolani Medical Center, where the baby will live until it is ready to go home.

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