Apple Watch Sequence 2 had virtually mobile connectivity

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The idea of ​​a smartwatch that can make calls sounds like science fiction, at least back then. However, this “science fiction stuff” eventually became a reality when we started getting smartwatches with cellular connectivity. In fact, Apple itself introduced such a watch in the Apple Watch Series 3.

However, according to a tweet from DongleBookPro, this apparently wasn’t always the plan. The Twitter account, known for documenting various technical prototypes, has shared some photos of an Apple Watch Series 2 prototype. As you can see in the photos, it wears a red crown indicating that it has cellular connection.

Scrapped Proto 1 Series 2

This watch has Cellular & A Red Crown (Present On Release Series 3) and Series 4 stainless steel gold color

This watch was scrapped because the modem had a failure rate of almost 60% and was constantly overheating. It never made it to Proto 2

– Dongle (@DongleBookPro) September 10, 2021

However, as many of you know, Apple didn’t introduce a cellular smartwatch until the Series 3, but these prototypes suggest that Apple already explored them in the Series 2. However, according to Tweet, that plan was discarded because the modem used in the Series 2 had a failure rate of around 60% and was constantly overheating.

This ultimately led Apple to abandon its plans for a Mobile Apple Watch Series 2 and instead wait for the Series 3. We’re not sure if it would have made much of a difference if it had been introduced in Series 2, but it’s interesting to see the design and development process behind some of the most popular gadgets today.

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