Apple Watch Collection eight could possibly be the massive well being replace we have been ready for

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According to rumors so far, one of the biggest changes we can expect to see in the Apple Watch update this year would be the design and display size. If you were hoping for new health sensors, you may be out of luck. This is despite the rumors that originally claimed the blood glucose test could arrive later this year.

However, if these new health sensors are important to you, then maybe you can wait until next year. This is because a report from the Wall Street Journal (Paywall) found that the Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to come with new health sensors that could measure blood pressure, and also a thermometer that is used to aid fertility planning, from 2022 onwards could be.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is currently the only watch known to us that is equipped with a blood pressure monitor. However, the current implementation requires calibration with a more traditional blood pressure cuff that needs to be recalibrated about every month, so it is not ideal but is still useful.

We’re not sure if Apple’s implementation will be the same or different from Samsung’s, so we’ll have to wait and see.

The report also says Apple is also working on future health features that can detect sleep apnea, help with low blood oxygen levels, and maybe even detect diabetes. Take this with caution as we are still quite a long way from the Series 8, but as I said, if health features are important to you in a smartwatch then it might be worth waiting for the Series 8 in 2022.

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