Apple Watch Afib Alert could have saved this lady’s life

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One of the newer health features introduced in the Apple Watch in recent years is an EKG monitor. This is a tool designed to help identify irregular heart rates that could be taken as a sign of Afib. This is important as it can be fatal if the person is not treated or cared for as soon as possible.

According to a report by the LaCrosse Tribune, a Minneapolis woman may have got the Apple Watch to thank for, as she believed she went for a walk in June where she received a warning from the watch. It told the 70-year-old that her heart rate was 174 and suggested that she be in Afib and call a doctor right away.

At her local hospital, she underwent a series of tests and, according to her doctors, they told her her watch was correct. The report doesn’t mention what happened after that, but presumably since that happened in June and she’s sharing her story here, it’s been done or at least under control since then.

The ECG monitor was originally introduced in the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018 and has since found its way into successor models, apart from the cheaper Apple Watch SE, which was understandably left out for reasons of cost.

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