Amazon’s sidewalk will quickly be sharing your web together with your neighbors

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Since many of our devices these days need to connect to the cloud in order to complete the setup process, it can be a bit of a hassle when you’re trying to set up a new device and don’t have an internet connection. However, it seems that Amazon will solve this problem in the future by getting entire neighborhoods to share their internet with one another.

It does this through Amazon’s Sidewalk program, which, according to Amazon, shares part of your internet connection with your neighbors and vice versa. This is done using a variety of Amazon’s own smart devices such as Alexa smart speakers / displays, ring surveillance cameras, motion sensors, doorbells and more.

For those who fear this will slow down their connection, it will limit the bandwidth to 80 Kbps, according to Amazon. “The maximum bandwidth from a sidewalk bridge to the sidewalk server is 80 Kbit / s, which is about 1/40 of the bandwidth used to stream a typical high-definition video. Today, if you share your Bridge’s connection with Sidewalk, the total monthly data that Sidewalk uses per account is limited to 500MB, which is equivalent to streaming about 10 minutes of HD video. “

On paper, it sounds interesting as if entire neighborhoods act like a giant mesh internet, but we imagine there are many users who might be uncomfortable with this idea. If you’d like to disable Sidewalk, you can follow the instructions here. Note that users who do not log out will be automatically logged in on June 8th. So hurry up.

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