Amazon’s New World is alleged to be bricking RTX-3090 playing cards

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Gamers reported that Amazon’s massively multiplayer game New World is blocking their gaming PCs. According to users who have encountered the problem, the problem appears to be related to EVGA RTX 3090 graphics cards. But even gamers who only use one RTX 3090 have reported that their computers are overheating and using huge amounts of CPU power.

When someone talks about “bricking up” a device, they can use it in two ways. A lot of people use the term “bricking” when a device stops working or crashes while trying to complete a task or run an application. Usually the user has to restart the device with this definition. The true definition of “bricking” is when a device is completely destroyed and no longer usable. Unfortunately, it seems the latter is happening more in relation to the New World Beta players.

Gamers report that their graphics cards are crumbling even when in the game’s menus. Even if New World doesn’t destroy the graphics card, gamers claim that it is extremely overheating their computers. There have been reports that New World computers overheat more than other graphics-intensive games like Cyberpunk 2077 or The Witcher 3.

That helped me get #NewWorldMMO up and running. Combination of checking my files and a clean reboot. Game is now. @playnewworld

– Jacob Oberle (@AdmiralBunny_) July 21, 2021

Beta players are looking for solutions to keep their graphics cards from turning into very expensive paperweights. Many suggest playing the game at a frame rate limited to 120 instead of playing New World at unlimited FPS.

New World is expected to be fully available on PC on August 31st.

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