Amazon’s new Prime Video app for Mac permits native downloads on the desktop

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Enlarge / The Amazon Prime Video app for macOS.

Samuel Axon

Amazon has released a Prime Video app that runs natively on the Mac. The app offers many of the same features as the mobile app, but is available on the Mac App Store.

The app is free to download, but requires an Amazon account to access content. This content includes both shows and films streamed for free using Amazon Prime Video, as well as purchases and rentals from the entire Amazon catalog. In fact, there is a prominently placed toggle in the top right corner of the app that says “Free for Me”. If you check this, you will only see content that is free with Prime.

The app is divided into the tabs “Home”, “Save”, “Search”, “Downloads” and “My Stuff”.

Aside from the fact that the Mac platform has a history and culture of native apps, and that these apps can be a little more enjoyable to use in some smaller ways, the main benefit of using this native app is that it allows episodes to be downloaded the local side enables machine just like the mobile app – great for preparing for long flights and other times when you may not have fast, reliable internet.

It is uncommon for a native streaming video app to be released on the Mac as most of the people who watch streaming networks like Amazon Prime Video do so through the web, considered the leading platform by most streaming companies will. But the downloadability seems to be the main reason this app existed.

Previously, downloading Amazon Prime Video content on a Mac was not possible – it was only possible on the iPhone or iPad. And the Amazon Prime Video mobile app was not among the various iPhone and iPad apps that could be downloaded and used on M1 Macs.

The Amazon Prime Video app for Mac requires macOS Big Sur or higher.

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