Amazon Prime Day 2021 runs from June 21-22 and a few provides are already dwell

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Amazon Prime Day, the mega-retailer’s two-day shopping event with discounts on everything from clothing to 4K TVs, laptops, blenders, hot air fryers and instant pots, takes place June 21-22. The event offers offers for members of Amazon’s Prime Service and usually takes place in midsummer. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it was postponed to October last year.

To boost Prime member sales and enrollment, Prime Day puts a major tentpole event on the calendar during the usually slower time of year for online retailers. It is not uncommon to find offers from competitors during this time. This year, customers who don’t subscribe to Prime may have a slightly higher incentive to sign up as the recently announced acquisition of MGM is set to bolster Amazon Prime’s media library.

Every Prime Day brings some controversy around the retail giant, be it workers’ strikes around the world on different Prime Days or Amazon’s questionable and illegal treatment of workers, aggressive union busting tactics, and downright antagonistic behavior. CEO Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world from Forbes 2021, was also sharply criticized by activists and politicians.


Partly in response to some of these issues, Amazon says it is allocating over $ 100 million to helping small businesses on Prime Day while providing incentives for customers such as:

Amazon has not yet released the full list of offers as there are often daily or hourly “flash” sales, but some offers have been announced. We can also expect discounts on Amazon’s first-party hardware and services such as Echo devices and Amazon Music.

Below are some of the early deals you can get hold of right now.

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