AliveCor is attempting to ban the Apple Watch Over-EKG function

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One of the health monitoring features that Apple has introduced to its smartwatch over the past few years is an EKG monitoring tool. This is built into the watch itself and does not require users to purchase additional hardware or accessories in order for it to work. However, Apple wasn’t the first to introduce a portable version of an EKG.

This award belongs to a company called AliveCor, which actually made EKG tapes that can be used with the Apple Watch. They are now also aiming for a ban on US imports of the Apple Watch, at least according to a complaint they filed with the US International Trade Commission.

AliveCor has been involved in a lawsuit with Apple for some time in which the company claims Apple has infringed its patents. The company said in a statement that filing with the ITC “is, among other things, a move AliveCor is taking to obtain relief for Apple’s deliberate copying of AliveCor’s patented technology – including the ability to get an EKG reading on the Apple Observe and perform a heart rate analysis – as well as Apple’s efforts to eliminate AliveCor as a competitor in the heart rate analysis market for the Apple Watch. “

Apple’s inclusion of the EKG on the Apple Watch has been lauded by many for saving lives after alerting users to abnormal heart rates so they could see a doctor early before anything more serious happened.

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