AirPods Professional with health monitoring anticipated for 2022

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At the moment, Apple’s main device with all health-related functions and sensors would be the Apple Watch, but that could change from 2022. A report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu revealed that Apple will launch a new line of AirPods Pros with fitness tracking capabilities starting in 2022.

Apple hasn’t updated its AirPods Pro since it was launched, so a new model in 2022 sounds about right. However, the report claims that Apple apparently planned to launch it this year, but for some reason they were pushed back. The report also said the design will be similar to the Beats Studio Buds, meaning the stem could be left out entirely and given a smaller profile.

Not much is known about the new model and type of fitness tracking features we’re looking at. However, the idea of ​​tracking fitness with headphones is not unknown. There are some earbuds and headphones that come with health features like heart rate tracking and motion tracking so you can keep a log of things like your runs.

Adding health features to the AirPods Pro actually sounds like a good idea. The AirPods Pro is currently priced at $ 249. For those in need of basic health surveillance, it could be a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch, which starts at $ 399.

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