Airbnb improves search capabilities forward of the anticipated rebound of the journey

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With coronavirus vaccination programs that enable travel in some parts of the world, Airbnb is introducing a number of useful new features to improve the search experience on its website and app.

The web-based accommodation and travel service said flexibility is central to the changes that introduce three new ways to conduct searches using its online tools.

First of all, flexible dates make it easy to find the best places to stay when you’re not too specific about when to travel. Instead of entering a specific date, you can now search for a weekend getaway, a week-long trip, and a month-long stay, with Airbnb providing recommended dates as well as accommodation listings.

Next up is Flexible Matching, which shows selections just outside of your search parameters. So if you’re looking for a place with a limit of, say, $ 200 a night, the results will also show places just above that limit. This could come in handy when there are few appealing options in your chosen range and you can get a little more out of a more expensive option – although that could mean paying for a few cheaper meals for them.

Airbnb is also launching flexible goals. This offers a new way to find more unusual places to stay when finding a unique place to stay is more important than the destination itself. This option, according to Airbnb, “helps you discover incredible properties in places you may not have been looking for and adapts to your location. “Airbnb has over 170,000 unique properties to choose from.”

Other upgrades include new search filters based on time of year or location that help travelers find properties near certain attractions, such as national parks. “Or with very specific characteristics, e.g. B. whether the property has a sea view or whether a fireplace is made of gas or wood -burning, ”said the company.

It also introduces a faster guest checkout process, a helpful arrival guide, and a number of updated cancellation policies to “improve clarity for guests and hosts”.

Airbnb said some parts of the world that appear to have drifted away from the worst of the pandemic await an “unprecedented travel boom” with people itching to long for a break.

Commenting on the changes, Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, said: “The lines between travel, life and work are blurring and we are improving our services to make it easier for people to make travel a part of their lives.”

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