Acer brings 3D expertise to laptops with out the necessity for glasses

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Laptops with a 3D screen are nothing new, but they are sure to be an intriguing class of products aimed at a niche audience. Do you remember the Toshiba Qosmio F750-10Q, which was launched back in 2011 and enabled users to view 3D content without special glasses? Well, Acer is now trying to revive the same concept with its SpatialLabs initiative.

Content literally floats in front of the screen, says Acer

Based on one of his ConceptD laptops, the SpatialLabs technology aims to deliver a stereoscopic 3D experience on the screen of your laptop without having to wear glasses. As part of the SpatialLabs developer program for Unreal Engine, the company will provide a customized ConceptD laptop to developers who have been selected for the program free of charge for a period of three months.

These laptops have a number of stereo cameras on top for tracking eye and head movements. The screen, on the other hand, is a UHD 2D panel to which a layer of a liquid crystal lenticular lens is optically bonded so that users can switch between stereoscopic 2D and 3D views at any time.

Acer rents ConceptD laptops with SpatialLabs technology to developers for free

When activated, the SpatialLab tool suite shows each eye a different image of the same object to create a stereoscopic 3D effect, create the illusion of content floating in front of the screen. The entire project is of course aimed at professionals who work with 3D models as part of their regular workflow, but do not have to wear special 3D glasses.

Acer 3D laptop

Users can rotate, move, or even drag a 3D model off the screen to view it from all angles. In addition, you can change the background of these models for a more realistic effect. Special tools offered by Acer include SpatialLabs Model Viewer (for importing and viewing files in stereoscopic 3D format), SpatialLabs Go (for rendering full-screen content side by side in stereoscopic 3D) and PiStage Maya.

Acer has not announced any plans for the commercial launch of the ConceptD laptops with SpatialLabs technology on board, and it is also unclear how much they will cost. At this point, it appears that Acer is testing the water to see the efficiency of its latest creation and to fix the shortcomings before it is widely released.

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